Since 1974, Marble Retreat has provided a safe place for transformation and life giving hope to over 5000 participants from around the world.

Marble Retreat’s 8-day program schedule consists of an effective combination of individual/couples and group counseling, led by Christian counselors in a confidential setting of recreation and rest. As an interdenominational Christian counseling center, Marble Retreat provides a doorway to healing for those who are tired and hurting. Please contact us; we are here to help. We are a proud member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Here are a few of the circumstances that bring folks to Marble Retreat, Counseling Center For Pastors, Missionaries and other Christian leaders:

  • Dealing with depression and burnout, compassion fatigue, trauma on the mission field
  • Grief, anxiety, major transitions, and other emotionally taxing experiences
  • Marital conflict (restoration following an affair, communication problems, etc.)
  • Vocational (forced termination, mid-life crisis, thinking of leaving ministry, etc.)
  • Sexual problems including pornography use

Marble Retreat can help you recover and thrive again in your life and ministry.

Currently our counseling model is individual or couples counseling where a person or couple privately meets with one counselor. Beginning in January 2023 we will be re-introducing group counseling sessions. Our model will then include a purposeful, strategic and effective combination of group and individual/couples therapy.

Session dates are subject to change on occasion, so please call to confirm a reservation prior to booking flights! When making travel arrangements, plan to arrive Tuesday late afternoon and depart on Thursday morning of the following week. Phone 970.963.2499, or contact us via email

If you are interested in attending Marble Retreat for Christian counseling, please contact our staff directly. They can help to assess your need and schedule your retreat session by phone. All communication is strictly confidential.


Our mission is to help bring healing, hope, and restoration to those in vocational Christian ministry and the Church at large in our Christian Counseling Center in the mountains of Marble, Colorado.