Every Pastor Needs a Pastor

At Marble Retreat, we are a Christian Counseling Center For Pastors. We have been serving Christian Pastors in Crisis for over 45 years, and it is our goal to bring healing to hurting Pastors, couples, and families through our intensive crisis counseling program.  If you or your spouse is in the midst of a crisis or trial that is threatening to disrupt or even blow-up your ministry, please reach out to us today.  We are here to help you through this difficult time.

Our mission is to help bring healing, hope, and restoration to those in vocational Christian ministry and the Church at large in our Christian Counseling Center in the mountains of Marble, Colorado.

As a Counseling Center For Pastors, Marble Retreat has helped over 5,000 pastors, missionaries, and lay pastors through our 45 year history. No matter the trial that your facing today, we are here to help you through it.  Our Program Directors, Mike & Kari MacKenzie, have helped others just like you restore their lives, families, and ministries.

But, don’t listen to us, see what our beloved Alumni say about their experience at Marble Retreat.

Here are a few of the circumstances that bring folks to Marble Retreat, Counseling Center For Pastors:

  • Dealing with depression and burnout, compassion fatigue, trauma on the mission field
  • Marital conflict ( restoration following an affair, communication problems, etc.)
  • Vocational ( forced termination, mid-life crisis, thinking of leaving ministry, etc.)
  • Sexual problems including pornography use

So no matter what situation that you are struggling with, Marble Retreat can help you recover and thrive again in your ministry.

We are a proud member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

The Ripple effect of a pastor leaving the ministry can devastate a congregation and community.  Michael MacKenzie
Michael’s new book, Don’t Blow Up Your Ministry, is now available for purchase.
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