One couple’s testimony on the lasting impact of Marble Retreat…

We were at the lowest point of a 15 year marriage punctuated by wonderful moments but many marriage stressing lows.  Marriage counseling hadn’t proved effective.  Now we found ourselves at odds with one another and having difficulty being parents and pastoring.

A dear friend agreed to serve as a listening ear encouraging us to come to a truce in this recent conflict.  Realizing he was out of his league, he discovered Marble Retreat and encouraged us to attend.  The suggestion proved marriage and ministry changing.

Marble Retreat breathed redeeming air into a stressed marriage.  The care shown to us by the beautiful setting and hospitable hosting set the stage for participating in the counseling.

Lewis and Melissa McBurney, wise counselors, shared wisdom and insight borne not just from Lewis’s psychiatric training but years of a fruitful marriage.  Counseling took place during group and individual times.  The group time produced insights into our own marriage through the experience of others.  These observations made individual counseling incredibly effective.  We left gaining marriage-changing breakthroughs helping us understand why we had been minimally able to resolve our deep marital problems.

With less time spent on endlessly, unfruitful discussion about our marriage, we spent more time discipling others in ministry.  Time spent on a young adult produced a man who led a well-respected international ministry to young adults.  Time spent on a doctor just entering practice led to a medical mission successfully changing the Aids epidemic in Malawi.  Time spent with a visionary led to a mission serving orphans in war-torn Sierra Leone.  The original children served by this mission have grown up and include medical doctors, college graduates as well as ordinary adults whose future had been changed.

Seeing the marital value of Marble encouraged us to send others to Marble.  A young life couple continued in ministry.  A pastoral couple became more fruitful.

Marble Retreat, through its ministry to us, affected the world.