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Since 1974, Marble Retreat has provided a safe place for transformation and life giving hope to nearly 4,000 participants from around the world. Marble Retreat’s 8-day program schedule consists of an effective combination of individual and group counseling led by professional counselors in a confidential setting of recreation and rest.

As an interdenominational Christian counseling center, Marble Retreat provides a doorway to healing for those who are tired and hurting. Please contact us. We are here to help.

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Program Schedule Information

Upcoming Groups

all-day August 9 – 18, 2022 Session
August 9 – 18, 2022 Session
Aug 9 – Aug 18 all-day
August 9 - 18, 2022 Session
Join us for eight carefully designed days of individual or couples counseling with highly qualified Christian counselors. Eight-day counseling sessions are limited to eight people and include a total of 18 hours of individual and/or[...]
all-day August 23 – September 1, 2022 Se...
August 23 – September 1, 2022 Se...
Aug 23 – Sep 1 all-day
August 23 - September 1, 2022 Session
Join us for eight carefully designed days of individual or couples counseling with highly qualified Christian counselors. Eight-day counseling sessions are limited to eight people and include a total of 18 hours of individual and/or[...]
all-day September 13 – 22, 2022 Session
September 13 – 22, 2022 Session
Sep 13 – Sep 22 all-day
September 13 - 22, 2022 Session
Join us for eight carefully designed days of individual or couples counseling with highly qualified Christian counselors. Eight-day counseling sessions are limited to eight people and include a total of 18 hours of individual and/or[...]

Counseling sessions are limited to eight people total. Session dates are subject to change on occasion, so please call to confirm a reservation prior to booking flights! When making travel arrangements, plan to arrive Tuesday late afternoon and depart on Thursday morning of the following week. Phone 970.963.2499, or contact us via email.

If you are interested in attending Marble Retreat for Christian counseling, please contact our staff directly. They can help to assess your need and schedule your retreat session by phone. All communication is strictly confidential.

Cost of Attending

Please be aware as you consider our services, that Marble Retreat has a longstanding policy of turning no one away because of need! As you prayerfully consider the services of Marble Retreat, be aware that we are here to help and will do our utmost to make it possible for you to attend.

Please call or email our office for the overall cost of the program:
970.963.2499 or ministrycare@marbleretreat.org

Scholarships Available

There are limited scholarships available. Marble Retreat is committed to providing services to those in need, regardless of ability to pay. Please inquire by calling our office.

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Waterfall near Marble Retreat

The 8 Day Retreat Model

Marble Retreat offers eight carefully designed days of group and individual Christian counseling for no more than eight people. Each person has three one-hour sessions of individual counseling as well as twenty-seven hours of group counseling with highly qualified Christian counselors. Initial hours are spent in assessing your history and needs. Based on issues identified, subsequent counseling is designed to deal with those concerns.

Our program is modeled after the Intensive Psychotherapy Center at the Mayo Clinics, Rochester, MN, as an alternative to months of conventional weekly counseling. It offers the added benefit of focused work with like-minded colleagues (fellow clergy and/or Christians).

Some of the issues we have found our program can help with include, but are not limited to: burnout, dealing with stress, marital issues -including recovery from affairs, problems with intimacy, conflict resolution, and communication, depression and anxiety, spiritual struggles, grief and loss, ministry and life transitions, rediscovering God’s call and passion in ministry. While Marble Retreat’s program is well suited for crisis situations it also is very helpful for those in ministry who are looking for refreshment and renewal and are looking to prepare themselves for their next step in ministry.

Retreat guests come from many denominational, ethnic and geographic backgrounds with one unifying bond — they recognize the need for God’s restoring touch for their broken spirits. Our committed staff of Christian counselors want to help them find healing, transformation, new insights and more effective coping skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marble Retreat’s therapeutic model is largely based on group counseling. We believe it is a Biblical model (the body of believers) and we believe and it has proven to be highly effective. Our program has been tested twice and both times was shown to be much more effective than the industry average. Some of the reasons for the effectiveness of the group model include but are not limited to:

  • The intimacy, empathy, and truth that is shared between group members
  • Being able to see yourself and your issues in others when your own blind-spots prevent you from seeing those issues directly in yourself
  • Connecting with the struggles in ministry or the personal brokenness of others normalizes your own struggles
  • The safety and security of the group allows participants to wrestle with personal and relational issues they have found difficult to work on otherwise
  • Learning what has been effective for others in dealing with issues similar to your own
  • The different personalities and spiritual gifts in the group complement the therapeutic process and what the counselors bring to the group
No more than seven other people. They’ll all be committed Christians as well as the strong possibility of being in or formerly in some form of full-time Christian ministry, and many will be in some sort of life crisis. There are married couples, but we also regularly welcome single individuals. Our guests are from varied Christian denominational groups, ethnic backgrounds, mission sending agencies and many parts of the country and world.
Confidentiality is a foundational principle of our Christian counseling ministry. Our staff and our participants are all committed to preserving each person’s privacy. And as a professional counseling center we are required by law to maintain confidentiality except for when the law requires us to break it.
In short, eight days allow one to focus on the tough issues of life in an affirming, non-threatening environment.

Descriptions we’ve received from guests include:

  • “The first place I’ve ever felt totally accepted.”
  • “A really safe environment in which to work.”
  • “As a couple, we had time to communicate without interruptions.”
  • “A Godsend.”
You’ll experience 27 hours of group Christian counseling (plus 3 hours of individual counseling) in a small group of fellow believers, clergy and spouses (no more than eight people). In total, they are 30 unforgettable and usually remarkably transforming hours.
Each person has three one-hour sessions of individual counseling. At times couples choose to combine some of their hours and meet together for two-hours.
Our experience has been that the 8 days of intensive, focused time can provide the opportunity for significant progress even on “very deep, core issues. We don’t expect all the issues to be solved completely, however, and follow-up Christian counseling may be recommended.
Brief intensive counseling is designed to work on focused issues and limited goals that can bring symptom relief, new direction, better self-understanding, and new skill development for better coping. Rather than extended time commitment, the counseling demands intensive commitment over a short period of time. In our case, eight days.
Yes!! We insist on spousal involvement for two reasons. First, so that we can understand you more fully with another perspective presented, and second, that you can re-enforce for each other the new understanding and new behaviors you’re learning. It’s like learning a new dance. It’s much easier to master the steps if both partners are taught.
No. We are not equipped for childcare — and we don’t want you to be distracted by your children’s needs while you are working on your issues.
The opportunity to have uninterrupted, focused time to deal with issues allows much more progress over the same counseling hours (which is about the same as six months of weekly Christian counseling). We’ve had many guests who have had previous traditional counseling and report that this experience was much more effective for them. For most individuals brief, intensive counseling gives a “jump start” on the healing process.
The vast majority of retreat guests leave with a renewed sense of hope, new tools for dealing with stress or the focused on issue, deep spiritual and emotional healing, and important self-discovery. Our feedback reports and records indicate that these factors continue to contribute to ongoing growth and healing in about 80% of our guests.
Since we are ministering to people in crisis, we try to avoid putting anyone on a waiting list. We think if you’re in a crisis you need help quickly. If we’re totally booked for more than six weeks we will refer you to another Christian counseling caregiver. For those who prefer to wait for therapy at Marble Retreat we will keep names on a waiting list for possible cancellations which occasionally occur.
Our Christian counseling registration process is handled by phone (see contact link at bottom of page). After you’ve checked out our program we require a telephone interview to assess the appropriateness of Marble Retreat for your needs. Next we’ll discuss possible dates with you and schedule a session that works best for you. Your confirmation packet will be mailed and a non-refundable deposit then guarantees your reservation.
Several circumstances that bring folks to Marble Retreat for Christian counseling include:

  • dealing with depression and burnout, compassion fatigue, trauma on the mission field
  • marital conflict ( restoration following an affair, communication problems, etc.)
  • vocational ( forced termination, mid-life crisis, thinking of leaving ministry, etc.)
  • sexual problems including pornography use
We are about four hours southwest of Denver International Airport. From the Denver area, drive Interstate 70 to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Travel south from Glenwood Springs on Hwy. 82. About 12 miles from Glenwood turn southwest onto Hwy. 133 at Carbondale. Continue on Hwy. 133 past the town of Redstone. Just before the ascent to McClure Pass, turn left onto County Road 3 toward Marble. Five miles from Hwy. 133 turn left onto Serpentine Trail. Follow this dirt road 1 mile and turn left at the Marble Retreat sign. The retreat lodge is at the cul-de-sac at the end of the dirt drive.
Check our Ministry Resources page for a variety of Christian counseling centers.

To learn more about our program, check out our videos:

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