Confession and Pastors

No one is comfortable with confession. At minimum it is awkward, and it can even be dangerous, especially for Christian leaders. Yet God has commanded us to confess, and it is often a crucial step in breaking free from sin. Why do we not do it and what are some ideas for a Christian leader when it comes to confession?

Christian Leader as Influencer

All Christian leaders have influence. We can misuse or under-utilize this influence. Our influence is a gift from God and should be received as such and fully embraced.

Joy in Ministry

Joy and ministry should go hand in hand but often joy in ministry and even joy in God get lost along the way. Sometimes we are just weary and need refreshment for our hearts, souls, and bodies.

Space and Time: Loving God

Busyness is common for all of us in ministry. We have a lot to get done! But it can have a seriously negative impact - moving us from loving God to loving our ministry. Space and time and listening are needed.

Over Spiritualizing: Pastor as Person

Over spiritualizing is a temptation for those in Christian leadership. Yet it does not lead to healing or to the Christ-like character that is the goal. It often leads to further pain and isolation.

Group Room Updated

Thanks to some very generous donors and wonderful volunteers, our group therapy room has been remodeled and updated. It is warm, comfortable, and inviting. This is a very special room as many miracles are experienced in this room. Thank you to all who