Dealing with Sin: Lessons from a Rottweiler

Sin often hits us first with soft boundaries or consequences. If we keep blowing through those and don't heed their warning their will be big danger ahead.

The Blessing of a Scholarship

Recently we raised scholarship funds to help a ministry couple in great need of financial assistance attend Marble Retreat. Months after participating in a session, they wrote this letter to thank the donors who gave to the scholarship fund which made it possible for

Welcome New Staff Member

Cheryl Yarrow We are excited to welcome Cheryl Yarrow back to our Marble Retreat family! Cheryl moved across country from Washington, DC to join the Marble staff in 1995 and served alongside founders Louis and Melissa McBurney as hostess in the retreat lodge. After

Update on the Capital Campaign

As you may remember, we have been working on raising the funds to purchase the private home adjacent to the retreat lodge.  Thanks to donors like yourself, God has provided $113,820 towards this goal!  The Marble Retreat board of directors met recently and re-affirmed

Confession and Pastors

No one is comfortable with confession. At minimum it is awkward, and it can even be dangerous, especially for Christian leaders. Yet God has commanded us to confess, and it is often a crucial step in breaking free from sin. Why do we not do it and what are some ideas for a Christian leader when it comes to confession?

Christian Leader as Influencer

All Christian leaders have influence. We can misuse or under-utilize this influence. Our influence is a gift from God and should be received as such and fully embraced.