The History

The ministry of Marble Retreat is 45 years old! In 1974, Mayo clinic trained psychiatrist Louis McBurney, M.D. and his wife, Melissa were led by God to the mountains of Marble, Colorado to build a place for Christian leaders to come for healing, hope, and restoration through Christ-centered brief intensive counseling. Louis kept a journal capturing the joys and struggles of the early years. Nearly three years in, after many challenges, he described what was happening at Marble Retreat with these words, “There has been so much activity at the Retreat and in our ministry. The Lord is opening doors and pouring out His blessings.” Louis’ words capture well the 45 years of Marble Retreat.

In 2003, Steven Cappa, Psy. D., and his wife Patti Cappa, LMFT, CAC II, relocated from Denver to take over as directors and co-therapists of Marble Retreat. A decade later in 2013, the baton was passed to Mike MacKenzie, D.Min., and his wife Kari MacKenzie, D.Min., who continue to serve as the current directors and co-therapists of Marble Retreat today.

The Growth

Evolving from a call from God and limited resources, Marble Retreat has grown to be an internationally recognized counseling program. Over 4700 Christian leaders have been served from every state and more than 60 countries, positively impacting them, their families, ministries and communities.

The Impact

Captured in the words of those who have benefitted from this ministry:

“It was 15 years ago this past March that my wife and I drove up the driveway somewhat nervous, no -very nervous, about what lay before us. Now, 15 years later, we enjoy a rich relationship, and we have celebrated 26 years of marriage. A great big thank you for loving and guiding us in a time when things were very shaky! The work wasn’t done for us, but the foundation was laid for us to be able to move forward in a healthy way. The following year on our anniversary, my wife presented me with one of the greatest gifts ever – a new wedding band to signify how dramatically our relationship had changed. We have often said to other couples that we have had two marriages, the first 11 years and the last 15. Thank you for all that you did and are doing to help ministry couples receive what they so desperately need. This coming November we will be celebrating 25 years in the ministry. There is no doubt in my mind that, if we hadn’t gone to Marble when we did, that would not be the case and, likely, our marriage would not have survived. May you continue to know God’s blessing as you minister His love, grace and wisdom to those who come to Marble Retreat.”

“We were at the lowest point of a 15-year marriage. Marriage counseling hadn’t proved effective. Marble Retreat breathed redeeming air into a stressed marriage. With less time spent on endlessly, unfruitful discussion about our marriage, we spent more time discipling others in ministry. Marble Retreat, through its ministry to us, affected the world.”

“I think of Marble often and am continually grateful. I am in so much of a healthier place and I truly believe Marble was the catalyst of a significant change in my life. Thank you for all you do… it really matters!”

“My wife and I spent two weeks at Marble Retreat in December of 2000. Sixteen years later I still reflect upon our experience there with gratitude. It was a lifesaver. I was at an extremely low point in my life, and because of Marble I recovered and am still in ministry today. My wife and I still maintain a friendship with two of the three couples who were there with us. So I owe a lot to Marble Retreat.”

“Attending Marble was the initiation of a journey into the deep reservoirs of God’s grace that I am still on today. (The staff) were tangible expressions of God’s love, truth, and mercy…I have never been with people who were more compassionate, caring, and Christ-like.”

“The church is stoked to see our new passion for ministry. We reflect on our time at Marble constantly. We are very grateful for the help you gave us. We are increasingly aware of the way that pastors don’t look after themselves and often fall into making poor life-destroying choices. We are so glad our church council recognized the value of counseling, stopping and recharging before anything like this happened.”