Recently we raised scholarship funds to help a ministry couple in great need of financial assistance attend Marble Retreat. Months after participating in a session, they wrote this letter to thank the donors who gave to the scholarship fund which made it possible for them to come.

We wanted to write and thank you for your service and the ministry of Marble Retreat. We will be ever grateful for our time at Marble and we can’t thank you, and the givers, enough for the scholarship. It has made a great difference in our lives. We were so blessed that we want to give back to the scholarship fund, so others can be blessed as we were.

It was well worth the wait and will be a blessing for our lifetime. God also worked out the group, as we hit it off with each other very quickly. We were able to minister to each other while at Marble, have stayed in touch, and are planning to have a reunion next year.

As far as the counseling itself, we were very blessed by the model of group counseling along with private counseling. Most of all, we felt safe to share our struggles, as did the other three couples. I would venture to say that the four men in our group had never shared like that in our entire lives. I know it is true for me, but the Lord’s presence was at Marble Retreat and He opened our hearts to be able to receive counsel and healing.

We cannot say enough nice things about Drs. Mike and Kari or about how professional they were. They were exemplary listeners and gave us solid, godly advice, while helping us see things that helped us in our marriage. We would recommend Drs. Mike and Kari and Marble Retreat to anyone that would like to help their marriage or family be better.

I would like to add to have 10 days away from all outside interactions was a key to the rest & renewal we needed. Everything about our experience was positive & will last a lifetime. I thank both Mike & Kari for speaking into our lives as we seek to serve the Lord.

We have continued with the great counsel we received. Thank you for everything!!! Also, to have our meals prepared by Bob was an amazing part of our time at Marble Retreat. Bob and Lisa were just the most gracious people.

We pray the Lord’s continued blessings upon Marble and thank you again for the scholarship which made it possible for us to attend.

We were blessed to be able to give $71,600 in scholarship assistance this fiscal year, thanks to the generosity of supporters like yourself. The Marble Retreat scholarship fund is an invaluable part of making it possible for those in ministry to attend one of our sessions and receive the emotional help they need. If you are looking for a way to support a Christian leader in need, our scholarship fund is a great way to give back to these sacrificial servants who have such Kingdom impact.