sacrifices_1“We took out a second mortgage on our house.”

“I left my well-paying job to go into ministry.”

“We dipped into our retirement funds.”

“We agreed to a 1/3 reduction in pay.”

“We sold everything we had in a yard sale and left for Africa.”

These are just a handful of the sacrifices we have heard that pastors and missionaries have made for their ministries, for helping someone in need, and for reaching the lost. Many of them never knew the “unthinkable” would happen; they would lose their ministry position, the organization would pull out of that country, they would get cancer, their child would be diagnosed with a debilitating disability, they would lose their spouse, or any other life changing tragedy would hit.

When Marble Retreat began, the heartbeat of the ministry was to give back to those in full-time ministry who are out there giving so much. We have always understood that the population we serve may be under paid for the sacrifices they are making to serve God’s Kingdom. Therefore, we have always had the policy that Marble Retreat would not let financial need get in the way of someone who needs to come. This has meant we offer discounts to those who desperately need our services but can’t afford it. Over the years we have placed high priority on raising scholarship funds and have done it through fund-raising events, applying for grants, and appealing to churches and individuals. The amount we raise and the amount we need both fluctuate, making it a little unpredictable.

This year we have had many Christian leaders attend our retreats who need considerable scholarship help. This has exhausted our scholarship fund. We continue to give scholarships because we believe the investment in a pastor, missionary, pastoral couple, or Christian Leader is worth it and we trust God will provide.

The bottom line is that we have given $26,580 more than what we have in our scholarship fund.

sacrifices_2If you can help in any way to give back to those who have given so much for others, you can donate on the Donate page or by clicking the button below. We hope to raise this $26,580 and more for our scholarship fund so we can continue to assist those who are leading the church forward in our world. Thank you.

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