panasonic-pics-2011-12-146_186x198“After a difficult season in ministry, my wife and I sensed a need to receive input and regain perspective. As we were researching ministry resources, we learned about Marble Retreat. Later, a ministry couple we deeply respect shared with us that they had been greatly blessed by the ministry of Marble Retreat, and encouraged us to go. When we called for more information it became clear that, without a scholarship, attending would be financially out of our reach. Thankfully, through someone’s loving sacrifice and generosity there were scholarship funds available to help subsidize our registration.

Let me share a little bit of how we were blessed. We arrived at Marble, questioning if we should continue in pastoral ministry; questioning our ability to continue leading and feeling like we had somehow failed. We left Marble affirmed in our calling, knowing we are loved, and with a renewed capacity for loving and leading our congregation.

To those who gave sacrificially and helped make our Marble Retreat experience a reality, please receive our grateful thanks. You blessed us immensely.”