Temptations in Ministry

Sinful behavior may be visible, but the source of that behavior is beneath the surface.

There’s a diner here in Colorado that has quotes all over the walls. When my wife, Kari, and I were there, we took particular notice of one of those quotes: “The 3 G’s get preachers in trouble—the gold, the glory, and the girls.” While there is some truth to this quote (we often work with pastors who have gotten themselves into trouble in one of these areas), these troubles are not the real problem. They are symptoms. Much deeper temptations are the root issues that make Christian leaders susceptible to the glory, the gold, and the girls.

Peter was the golden boy for his denomination. He had accomplished what most pastors dream of: each of the three churches he started or took over was very successful numerically and financially; he was a sought-after speaker and writer; he was asked to lead an international parachurch ministry; and his attractive wife had a growing writing and speaking ministry. Life was good, until one of his mistresses couldn’t keep the …

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